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This Week’s Kitchen Project

It’s been just about 2 years since we finished the house renovation. I love living in Lambertville. This house is a wonderful home. My kitchen makes me especially happy. I’ve cooked up some great meals in here. The appliances and counters have gotten a lot of use in this short time. So the other day I was looking at the kitchen counters and decided to re-oil them. They were in pretty good shape, but there were a few nicks and splotchy bits here and there.

Getting ready to start my project. Cleared all the counters. Linseed oil will soak in and refresh the surface. But first, time to dust and clean the whole surface.



For cleaning the counter I love using our Pear Blossom Agave Counter Spray by Caldrea. It has a great scent.



Using a nylon scouring pad I rubbed the entire surface using circular motions, applying extra pressure where there were any scratches or stains. Then I wiped the surface with a soft cloth. I let it sit for about an hour, then wiped the surface dry and buffed it.




After letting the counters dry all day, I applied a coat of our Beeswax Polish for an extra layer of protection. The whole surface was smooth as silk! 


Before and after:

I had a bad scratch in the wood trim at the end of the peninsula (above). It was pretty much gone when I was done (below)!




I hired house cleaners several months ago. The one who had kitchen duty kept messing up my appliances, leaving bad streaks on the stove top and refrigerator, damaging things…I tried being honest and to give them constructive feedback on several occasions. One day I came home and, not only was the front door left unlocked (Really?), I saw these spots on my counter top (above). The kitchen duty person must have sprayed the sink or a cloth with something that was a bit caustic and got it all over the counter in this spot. Not realizing what she had done, it sat all day like that until I got home. I tried to clean it off, to no avail. I called them and told them I would not be needing their services. Anyway…after buffing the area with the nylon pad soaked in Linseed Oil the spots are gone (below)! 



Before and after shots of the counter surface next to the burner where I do high heat cooking.


The whole kitchen looks good as new!


You can use this technique on many types of counter tops, but make sure you check the care instructions for your specific material. (These countertops are Richlite, a paper and resin product similar to Corian®.) If you don’t have a care sheet, your local hardware store will be able to provide guidance.

Well this was a good project for a busy week. There’s more gardening to do, after all! Anyway…until next week. Ciao!