Our customers connect with our aesthetic which is one that encourages blending one-of-a-kind finds with modern design. We artfully blend cottage and modern and believe that homes should always feel relaxed and lived in. BR is the store that invites you to get comfortable!

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It’s Paperwhite Season at Blue Raccoon!

Every fall for the last 24 years crates of paperwhite narcissus arrive at our door. We always ask each other. “Wow! It’s paperwhite season already?!” One of those markers…telling us the year is almost drawing to a close. There’s always so much going on during the last three months of the year that time seems to go by pretty quickly…The arrival of our paperwhite bulbs reminds us of this. It seems silly to get deep and all, but time keeps marching on. We should try to enjoy each day we as much as we can…

“Shucking” paperwhites is a chore for anyone who works at Blue Raccoon. We lay hands on each bulb (we order 2000-3000 each year!), peeling the loose papery skin. This keeps the display (and the store!) clean.


The crate is full of the left over skins. This would be all over the place if we didn’t “tidy up” the bulbs…


The first year we were in business someone asked why we were selling onions! Haaa!


In water for only 2 weeks and they’re already poppin’…


We brought in some nice containers for forcing. Ready for the holiday season! Yay!


Before we know it it’ll be Thanksgiving! Then the holidays will be in full swing. We sincerely hope to see you in the store soon. We’ve got lots of great gifts and accessories this fall.


We hope you have a happy Halloween! Please stop by and say hi…And if you happen to be out and about for the Lambertville Halloween festivities, I’ll be at my friends Jim and Kathyrn’s pirate ship house on Union and Delaware. Come say hi!


Until next time…Ciao!