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Spring House Projects

I always get asked how the house is coming along. “Are you all done?” As much as I’d like to be, am I ever done? I find there’s always something to do. This spring I continued to add to my garden, as well as, get to some other projects I’ve been meaning to do for months.

New Paint For The Front Door

I painted our front door, finally! One of those things that was bothering me, but never got to until now…I’m getting a black screen door as well. Will keep you posted.

The front door looks much better painted black! Now I have to paint the door frame white! (See? Always creating more work for myself…)


A Trellis For My Climbing Rose Bush

I designed the north bed of our back yard garden with a climbing rose as a centerpiece and anchor. This week I installed a 15′ wide trellis behind it. It will be pretty spectacular when the rose spreads and fills it up with blooms!

Ernesto at Finkle’s Hardware helped me out with the pipes and the airplane wire!


I planted this rose (Rosa ‘ZLEEltonStrack’) last year and it’s really growing in just fine. I designed the trellis using industrial galvanized pipes and airplane wire. It has an overall length of 15′ with one pipe in the center and one at each end. Pre-drilled holes are fitted with the airplane wire.


Another view of the trellis.


Airplane wire gives the trellis a great, industrial look.


The Front Garden Is In!

After living in the house for 3 years and having just a patch of dirt in front, I finally have a garden!

A few weeks ago I bought the plants I would need and placed them where I wanted them to grow and spread. A lilac and a hedge of Cherry Laurel will give the garden structure.


The front garden planted and mulched! Eventually the Echinacea purpurea and Black-eyed Susans will spread. I will also fill it in with some Forget-Me-Not seeds and some Lychnis Coronaria, which is one of my favorite plants.



David Austen English tea rose Young Lycidas will be a highlight of this garden.


Well, here’s hoping you are all having a great spring! How are your house projects going? Hope to see you soon in the store or around town. Ciao!