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Sit Together, Not Apart

Sectionals have made quite a comeback over the last 10 years or so. As Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams said in a great ad campaign a few years ago, “Sit together, not apart.” That’s a great sentiment, but not all rooms are made for sectionals.

Sometimes, when we’re helping a customer with a room design where they really want a sectional, we have to be the barer of bad news…the room just isn’t big enough. Luckily there are other ways to furnish small rooms and still lay out a comfy conversation area that is great for entertaining or just relaxing in front of the TV.

Eeek! Don’t try this at home! Well, here is an example of a poorly designed room. Not only is the sofa UGLY, it is really close to and blocking the front door. Size matters, but so does placement. Sometimes there is no way to place a sectional in a room and allow for flow and, at the same time, create a pleasing setting.


Our two lines of upholstery, Rowe Furniture and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, offer some great choices for furnishing a room. Whether that design includes a sectional or not, we can create a comfy functional space for your family and friends.


A small sectional works well opposite a handsome leather chair. Remember, though, even a small sectional can measure upwards of 100″. (Rowe Furniture Company) 



A curved sectional may take up less space than a right angle. (Rowe Furniture Company)



This is a design I did for a small living room. The simple flow and the small but comfy pieces we chose made this a smart place to sit and relax with family and friends. This entire setting floats in the room (a fireplace is to the right).



Above and below: These two simple settings were created by grouping chairs and ottomans around a sofa. They are not large spaces, but you can enjoy your company and let good conversation flow with ease. Also, some of the pieces are floating in the room, not up against a wall. This is a common mistake people make. they think every piece needs to be up against a wall. 



A configuration like this one, a one-arm sofa or loveseat and one-arm chaise will take up less room than a regular l-shaped sectional. (Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams)



A tight back sectional style takes up less “visual space”. (Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams)


Anyway…come on in this summer and say hello.

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