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She’s The First

Here at Blue Raccoon we are passionate about supporting causes that make a real difference in our world. Whether it be supporting the environment by selling sustainable furniture in our stores to backing policies allowing all people to love each other equally.

Sometimes, our customers make us aware of something wonderful that we can throw our support behind and we’ve done just that for an amazing group here in Lambertville.

The organization is called She’s the First, a 501C(3) non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships for girls in low-income countries with the goal of graduating high school. Most often the scholars are The First to graduate from their family and/or community. 

Tomas Kerns, board member of STF, speaks to the gathering.

Tomas Kerns, board member of STF, speaks to the gathering.

Since 2013, an amazing group of women from Lambertville including Leigh McKay, Sharon Dietrich, Naomi Drew, Shirley Kessler, Jane Wesby, and Joan Millsaps to name a few, wanted to do something to improve the lives of girls, particularly those in developing countries who struggle against impossible odds.

They all joined forces and host an annual May Day Fundraising Luncheon to support the efforts of She’s the First. This year they raised raised over $12,000 and will send at least 10 girls to school in Nepal, India and Gambia.

Leigh McKay, a favorite customer of Blue Raccoon, talks about how each donation can make a difference in a young girl’s life.

Its truly amazing what a group of determined women can do to support each other and young women throughout the world. We love how our customers expand our horizons and we’re equally thrilled to support She’s The First in expanding the horizons of girls throughout the world!

If you want to donate to help support young girls to get an education you may go to She’s The First.