Our customers connect with our aesthetic which is one that encourages blending one-of-a-kind finds with modern design. We artfully blend cottage and modern and believe that homes should always feel relaxed and lived in. BR is the store that invites you to get comfortable!

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Recipes For Life

One of the wonderful things about owning a store in a city like Lambertville, is that we have great customers. People come in and they’re friendly and enthusiastic about what they see on display. We’ve known some of our customers for over 23 years; as long as we’ve been open! Some have even become close friends.

Last year I had the pleasure of designing the interior of a newly renovated old house in town. Working with this couple turned out to be such a pleasure. They loved my design ideas. It certainly helps when customers “get” me and BR.

The Clifton Sectional makes the living room cosy. The windows will get wood shutters.


In the kitchen dining nook Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ lucite Alain Side Chairs with leather seat cushions pair very nicely with Blue Raccoon’s Farm Dining Table.


The seating area in the kitchen addition is finished off with an “Indochine” faux-silk shag rug.


The new stair runner is a beautiful blue plaid.


The job is mostly done and installed, but we’re still working on finishing touches. I feel like we’re becoming friends. I love talking about food with one of them. She’s a foodie. She even gave me a cookbook as a present when we installed the furniture last December. And we swap recipes all the time, like this one.


Making fresh ricotta! The milk curds drying in a cheesecloth-lined colander. 


This is a great recipe from the New York Times that I made with my home made ricotta.


It was totally delish!


Not to overestimate what we do, but our goal at BR has always been to share a vision of home life that is about more than just the decor. That’s why, along side the sofas and chairs, we sell fragrances, cookbooks and play great music. I believe we help make living spaces more comfortable, restful, useful and, more importantly, life affirming. Kinda like we’re offering recipes for life. And, this, in the end, is what makes me love what I do.