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My Night With Mitchell

Mitchell Gold visited last Friday. He was on his way to spend Saturday at the beautiful Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams signature store in King of Prussia and he e-mailed saying he was spending the night at Lambertville House. He invited me to go see Chely Wright, the country singer, who was performing at the Rrazz Room in New Hope. I accepted, of course!

After a visit to the store, Mitchell and I walked to my house along the tow path. Though he’s been to Lambertville several times, he seemed impressed by the beautiful, serene walk home. At the house, Siri greeted us at the door with her usual wagging tail. It was great to show Mitchell the house, even if it’s still a work in progress. He loved it!

 Mitchell, Siri and me in my kitchen.
Once we were seated at our table at the Rrazz Room, we ordered drinks and dinner. Chely came over to say hi to Mitchell and sat with us for a while before the show. She gave a great, generous performance. She loves to tell stories about her life on the road and about her home life. She and her wife have twin boys. She showed us pictures. They are adorable. She also spoke about Faith in America, a non-profit organization co-founded by Mitchell “whose ultimate goal is to end decades and centuries of using religious teachings to justify marginalizing and discriminating against others.” Chely is on the board of the organization with Mitchell. We’ve been big supporters and often attend fund raisers for Faith in America. Have a look at their website.

Waiting for the show to begin. Mitchell’s shirt was a big hit!


Chely telling tales of her life at home and on the road.


After the show. She’s a beautiful, warm and talented woman.


After the show we bar-hopped for a bit and had a really fun time. One of the funny things about being out on the town with Mitchell is the fact that, after having a business for 24 years, everywhere I go I keep meeting up with people I know. Mitchell said, “You know everybody!” Well…almost…He laughed when I would point to someone and name the MG+BW piece(s) that they own. All in all it was a magical night of drinks, dinner, conversation and merriment!

Well, thanks, again for tuning in. ‘Till next time. Ciao!