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Is It Spring Yet?

Paradise lost? Hard to believe that this was my morning view two weeks ago:

Well, spring officially arrived, but we’re all waiting for the weather to catch up. I got back from my annual vacation to Key West the day before the March 14 nor’easter. It was heart breaking to see it dump all that snow and ice, just as all of our bulbs and shrubs were starting to wake up. Those 70 degree days in late February were such a tease. My climbing rose bush and other shrubs developed quite a bit of new green shoots during those warm days. The snow and ice “fried” them a bit. I think they will be OK, but…

My climbing rose ‘ZLEEtonStrack’ has burnt leaves from the snow and ice.


It’s the second year of work in my garden and I’m excited to see how everything starts to fill in. I’ve planted many seeds and bulbs and am patiently waiting for them to sprout. Though, I must say, I’m seeing things pop up in my beds and can’t tell if they’re weeds or if I planted them.

Wild onions growing here? Or did I plant some bulbs? Hmm…



The Forget-me-Nots ‘myositis’ that my neighbor, Bonnie, gave me have spread nicely.



My Muscari and aliums are sprouting. 



Cheerful crocus blooming. Yay!



The north bed in my garden, showing signs of life.


Itching for spring, as I am, I took to indoor planting projects at home and at Blue Raccoon.

A cement Coffee Cup (above) and Architectural Planter (below) at the store that I planted with mini ferns and succulents (you can buy them planted or unplanted).



I planted more kokedama at home. This Stag Head Fern hangs in the living room.

Our living room with the morning light streaming in.


The season of light and life…that’s what spring is to us. I’ve loved making our living room into a kind of indoor garden room. It keeps me going through the cold months of winter. We can feel spring’s arrival each day, but, though we have been lucky to have a mild winter, it still feels like a long time coming. Happy spring everyone!