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I Dreamt of Diego Rivera

Whenever I have a design installation I get a bit of performance anxiety. I wake up in the night and go through the whole installation in my mind. I start doubting myself. (Imposter Syndrome???) I also have funny dreams.

Blue Raccoon’s spring collection is starting to arrive and we received the first installment of our new furniture last week. The night before the floor move, (that’s what we call it when we rearrange the store to incorporate new furniture) I woke up in the night and went over the whole thing in my head. I usually draw a floor plan, but somehow this time around I hadn’t gotten to it. It’s a lot of work incorporating 2 new sofas, 3 chairs and 2 ottomans. Anyway, I finally fell asleep and had a very funny dream…

I am back at Zona NYC. The old gang is all there, including Lou Sagar, the owner. Lou brought in all of these beautiful exotic wood sculptures from Thailand. I was doing a major floor move incorporating new furniture with these large pieces interspersed. Suddenly, I notice Franci Sagar (Lou’s ex-wife and co-owner) standing next to a chair. Sitting in the chair is Diego Rivera. It strikes me as odd that he is there, but my mind goes to the fact that Franci is NOT dressed as Frida Kahlo. It bothers me a bit at first, but I have to move this chair. So I ask Diego to please get up. I move it. Then he sits in another chair, one that I also have to move. Diego and I go on like that for a while…Then I wake up. 

What do you think this means??? Maybe I shouldn’t ask.


And now, time for phase 1 of Blue Raccoon’s Spring Collection debut.


New for Spring 2017: The Sloan Collection:  Its a new comfy small scale style by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. We love it!

Thanks for checking in…’till next time! Ciao!

PS: Sorry we haven’t been blogging for so many weeks. We promise to be better about it in the future. And thanks for being such wonderful loyal customers and blog readers.