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Cleaning Therapy: Wiping Away Winter Blues

I’ve had just about enough of this winter season! I have a feeling that many of you agree with me on this point.

So, when I start to get in the doldrums, and I can’t get outside to feel the sun on my face and smell the flowers…I clean. Thats right, I clean. I dust, do laundry, mop floors, organize closets, you name it! Its my therapy for fighting the winter blues. But, I want to be surrounded by clean, fresh scents as I clean to wipe the winter blues away. So, my choice of cleaning supplies is very important.

Clean doesn’t mean a smell of ‘burn your eyebrows off’ to be really clean. You’ll only clean off your fingerprints with that stuff! A good clean is one that wraps you like a beautiful perfume and welcomes you in and leaves its imprint on you. Thats why I use Caldrea…aromatheraputic home cleaning products. They are simply lush scents that bring Spring inside even if its still a snowy mess outside.

We carry Caldrea’s countertop spray, dish soap, linen & room spray, hand soap and laundry detergent in the store. I’ve tested them all on every surface in my house and they cut through grease, grime, even stick goo (thats the stuff my dogs drool on the floor after eating) without harsh chemicals and/or harming the environment.

Caldrea’s newest scent, Daphne Feather Moss has top notes of floral and citrus, fresh leaves and moss. You also get hints of a warm spring rain! I’m spraying the Linen & Room Spray all over everything as a great pick me up. The laundry detergent leaves a light, fresh scent. Works with both front & top load machines. You only need a little drop of the dish soap to clean a bunch of dirty dishes. It all smells so wonderful you just want to clean some more!

So why not come in and check our Caldrea line up. I promise, with scents like Daphne Feather Moss, Sweet Pea, Rosewater Driftwood, Tangelo Palm Frond and others, you’re bound to undertake a little cleaning therapy too.