Our customers connect with our aesthetic which is one that encourages blending one-of-a-kind finds with modern design. We artfully blend cottage and modern and believe that homes should always feel relaxed and lived in. BR is the store that invites you to get comfortable!

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Anniversary Blog: 24 Years in Lambertville

July is our anniversary month. I can’t believe Blue Raccoon is 24 years old. Wow! We opened in our little spot on Church Street on July 15, 1993. Here are some fun facts and pictures:

Oh, my…were we ever that young? We got the space June 1, 1993. It took us 6 weeks to pull it all together and open. We had our first sale that day.



I’m sure many of our longtime customers will remember this corner. The signs are hanging in our store on Coryell Street. The vintage blue bench has a fun story, which you can read about below.


After a slow, but steady first few months we could see that people were coming in and connecting with the store. Business grew until we were able to move to a larger location at 6 Coryell Street in the summer of 1996.


Did you know:

  • Always trying to be creative with my visual merchandising, I decided to hang a vintage bench on a wall at the Church Street store. I could have sworn I anchored it in properly … well, it came crashing down with a ruckus that startled everyone in the store, including our English bulldog Dottie, who barked her butt off! Luckily no one was near the thing.
  • Speaking of Dottie … we went through a rough time house training her. It took us months! Once she peed on a rug in the front of the store where a little girl was walking in with her parents. These wonderful customers became regulars and every time they came in with their daughter the little girl would say, “That’s the doggie that peed on the rug.”
  • The blizzard of 1996 was so severe. Remember? We could not open for a week. We would drive in, check messages, then go home. Church street wasn’t cleared of the snow until 2 weeks after.


In the back of the store: Dottie needed to check out Dash’s crate.



In 1997 we started to carry upholstery. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (The Mitchell Gold Co., back then) became, and continues to be, our premier line. We have a great relationship with them and they helped us grow. Since we were selling all of this upholstery and furniture, we eventually started to offer in-home design services.

Through the years we’ve tried different things, but we always tried to stay true to our vision of offering great products that have a balance of style and function. All of that, combined with our own great customer service, allowed us to continue to grow. We still love what we do.


Nick, with his dyed hair, talking to Mitchell Gold at our fall of 2001 in-store event.



The final design installation at a home in Stockton.



A family room in Princeton, NJ. 



A dining room in a Pittstown farm house that I am very proud of.


Did you know:

  • Super storm Sandy blew the power in Lambertville for 10 days. We lost all of those days of business during a normally busy season.
  • People still ask about Dottie and Dash. Dottie passed away in May of 2006 at the ripe old age of 13-and-a-half. Dash passed away 6 years, also at the ripe old age of 13-and-a-half. We now have Siri, a beautiful pitbull mix that we rescued in 2012.
  • When we opened cell phones were just starting to be use and there was NO internet!


We have a lot to be thankful for. We work hard, yes, but we have the best customers any business could ever want. That makes all the difference in the world. We have become friends with quite a few of you and we are grateful for that. We love our town of Lambertville on the Delaware. I guess it’s time to start planning our big 25th anniversary!

Well, thanks for checking in again. Until next time. Ciao!