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And The Award Goes To…

It’s that time of year again when they roll out the red carpet and all the stars put on their their best duds in the hopes to go home with a little statue of gold plated bronze or solid crystal or something resembling a lump of something I made with clay when I was two!*


For us here at Blue Raccoon, our award season when the various companies come out with their Color of the Year picks. Lets just say we are so excited with the choices they made because you really can incorporate them into your home.


Pantone is the ‘be all/end all’ for the Color Of The Year and this year’s reining color is the ripe Greenery 15-0343.


Why not pop a Mini Basketweave Cube in Dill for a side table or as an ottoman in your family room. It gives a great pop of color and best yet, its made with Chilewich so its easy clean.


Benjamin Moore Paint’s 2017 choice is the lush Shadow 2117-30. Its a purple with an undertone of both brown and black.

Using a softer tone of this color, shown here in our Egg Side Table Lamp, gives you flavor of color without overwhelming your room.

Finally, Useful Grey SW 7050 by Sherwin-Williams is a wonderful neutral that you can incorporate in just about any area of your home.

Shades of the color can be seen in the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Kennedy Sofa in Lagrange-Andiron fabric (which will be in our store soon!)
So, why not award your home with a little bit of color. You’re worth it!

*Just to clarify, it’s Cindy, Blue Raccoon’s faithful manager, blogging. Didn’t want you to think that Nelson wasn’t artistic with clay at the age of two; which I’m quite sure he was…